Mayor's Night: In Monday, August 25 ~ 5:00 pm

Come speak to Mayor Martin and express your concerns about the future of Stamford Animal Control.
Stamford Animal Friends & Advocates want the Mayor to keep our Animal Shelter just that; a shelter for the animals.  We believe a Dog Pound is a thing of the past.  Stamford has moved beyond this and should not go back.  

Did you know that in 2013, Stamford proudly had a 92% adoption rate? 

Now compare that to the entire State of Connecticut municipal shelter system which had a 76% adoption rate and a 24% euthanasia rate (7,411 adopted and 2,341 euthanized). 
This is unacceptable.  
Yet the leaders from the State Dept. of Agriculture believe their operating model (a dog pound) is appropriate for Stamford.
No-Kill communities are ones where no savable animals are killed. Unfortunately, there are some animals who are hopelessly ill or injured, irremediably suffering, or in the case of dogs, vicious with a poor prognosis for rehabilitation.   Understandably, these animals are not adoption candidates.
Stamford successfully met the No-Kill criteria over the past nine (9) years by bringing the animals and the community life-saving programs.

We believe moving away from a No-Kill philosophy and vital programs means our shelter goes back to the 1960's dog pound, catch & kill mentality.    

Stamford was a leader amongst large municipal shelters across the State of CT.  This can continue with your support.  

Say NO to the Dept. of Agriculture's "dog pound" mentality.

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