Spike (f/k/a Rico) the Jack Russell

"We adopted Spike (formerly known as Rico) in October 2009, a few days after his eye surgery.  He was wearing a half-eaten "lamp shade" when we picked him up that Wednesday.  We almost didn't meet him in the first place, as he was being housed in a cage in the cat room, and we weren't looking for a cat at that time.  Knowing what I do now about how he feels about cats, I can't picture how he survived in the midst of all of them!  We were almost going to leave when they told us, wait, we have one more in the cat room you could look at.  For me it was love at first sight.  There was something so endearing about this little bundle of energy and attitude.  Having never had a Jack Russell terrorist (um, terrier) before, I did read up quite a bit in the beginning.  Glad I did.  He's a complicated little fellow, but way worth the chance we took on him.  A love bug to be sure, he's just happy to be with his people.  He can go from angel to devil-dog in a few seconds, but I cannot imagine my life without him.  Thank you, Stamford Animal Care and Control, OPIN, Dr. Lazarus and Dr. Neaderland for giving Spike a second chance by providing him with the care he needed to get well and to continue to enjoy his life.  We just LOVE him!!!"

-  Kate and Scott