This Is What Makes It All Worthwhile . . .

"I just adopted Princess Snow White, an elderly dog, from OPIN and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for helping Princess to survive her three operations so I could adopt this beautiful dog. If they had not put her picture on the Internet I never would have seen Princess. They worked so hard, saving her life after all the traumas she went through. She had cancer two times and had a growth removed, and also was spayed. OPIN even found donors to help pay for her operations -- just amazing! Princess never would have survived if it weren't for OPIN. They found her wandering the streets and in very bad condition. They are incredible people, full of love and compassion. They made sure she was well nurtured and even got her a foster mother to help her transition to a fur-ever home. They made sure that I would provide a decent home for this poor traumatized dog. OPIN even delivered her to me on that special heartwarming day when I met these beautiful people!! Princess is thriving and she is definitely a survivor -- a happy ending! What a difference they make in society for animals and people!! I love you all. Thank you, OPIN, all the best to you all."