A Happy Birthday (and Every Other Day!) for Newton and His Family

“I just wanted to let you know how wonderful this past year has been with Newton.  We consider May 28th his birthday (as that was the day we got him from OPIN), and he has been a true joy.  He's doing wonderfully well and he certainly is a well-loved dog; we are sure the feelings are mutual.  We took him to an event called Pooches on Parade the day before his birthday, to benefit a local shelter and rescue group.  He won a prize as Oldest Dog, which came with a toy and -- best of all -- dog treats, so he was pretty pleased with himself.  Here is a photo. Thank you so much for rescuing this remarkable dog.  He's truly a special fellow who owns our hearts.”

- Diane and Tom


Many, many more happy birthdays to Newton with his loving family!