Beautiful Blue is Seeing Clearly and Running Strong!

Dear OPIN,

Today is 8 weeks that I adopted beautiful Blue from the Stamford Animal Shelter. After 10 vet visits, 2 surgical procedures and almost 6 weeks in an E collar I am thrilled to report that we got the "all clear" from Dr Lazarus yesterday! His entropion eyelids are finally fixed and have healed properly.  Today we were able to resume our regular activities. We took a 3 mile run along the beach this morning and a nice long walk around the neighborhood this evening with lots of snoozing on the sofa in between. As you can see in the photo, Blue is getting ready to greet trick or treaters in a couple of days!

Many thanks to Dr. Lazarus and Todd the Tech (Blue's favorite!) at Rippowam...they were wonderful throughout the entire ordeal.

Many thanks to Dr. Sturh at Animal Eye Clinic in Wilton. He and his staff are true dog whisperers. I am in awe how they calmed this HIGH energy puppy to give him a complete eye exam. Many thanks to OPIN for ALL you do. I promise Blue will have a very nice life in my care.

Sincerely, Susan Stanek