One Year Later - Together Again

It's Amazing How Things Work Out

Just over a year ago, OPIN helped place Princess, a beautiful collie. Princess' owner could no longer care for her due to a physical disability. Well didn't we select just the right family! We recently received the following heartwarming message from Amanda who kept in touch with Frank since taking Princess home.



Just wanted to give you an update on Frank and Princess.  After Princess came to live with us, we were visiting Frank every few weeks. He required 2 hip replacement surgeries and both rehabs allowed us to bring Princess to visit him. When he was ready to leave rehab he was a little nervous about being on his own and, coincidentally, we were in contract on a house that had an Acorn stair chair and a downstairs living suite. So, we came up with a plan to reunite him with Princess. He moved in and we have been one happy family ever since. I'm attaching a photo of tonight at dinner. So, now Frank and Princess have finally been reunited and we gained a new family member! Thanks for all your help!