Opin Has Been a Tremendous Help for Simba

OPIN has been a tremendous help for Simba and myself. It is a true blessing to know of organizations such as this one that are passionate about helping owners and their pets to live happily together despite the financial struggles that come with life that make it difficult to keep up with physicals, shots and so forth.


Simba and I have been together since he was 2 he is now 4. It all started when a former high school classmate posted on Facebook that she was selling her dog for a very cheap price of $250 I thought this was too good to be true. But when I contacted her she was willing to even give me Simba for nothing in return all because she had known my mother from years ago. The reason she could no longer have Simba because she was in a limbo with her three children ,she was moving into a place that pets were not welcomed at all. Iā€™m glad I was able to come to the rescue . We like to go on long walks and go to parks. He is love-able, respectful and so very smart ! Love my companion Simba he brightens my day every single day!