Ozzy in the Park! A Happy Tail!

Hi Jenny,  

Sending a shot of Ozzy from the new dog park in Guilford.  He is great with the other dogs!  He has really relaxed at home and is even trying to steal goodies from the treat canister.  He wouldn't be a little naughty if he weren't comfortable😊.  He is a dream of a dog, fits so well into our lives and is as sweet as they come.  We feel so very lucky 🍀🍀🍀. Thank you again for selecting us to adopt him!!

Lee and Lauragene



Theo and Loki - Meowy Christmas 2016

Hello OPIN, 

Theo and Loki wanted to say hi and wish everyone a Happy Holiday. They are enjoying their new home, doing really well and given lots of love! We were wondering if you could forward this message along to their siblings and mother as well?! 

Thank you for rescuing them we love them so much and they are such sweet kitties.


The Turechek Family 

Joey: Kick the Holiday Season Off With A Wonderful Story

Catching up with Joey!   Check out this great story of Joey today and a recap of his early days with OPIN.

Hi folks at OPIN,

Now that it has been a whole year since we added Joey to the family, I wanted to send along a picture of him with all of us.  He is the sweetest dog and we absolutely adore him.  He has been such a wonderful addition to the family that we all fight over who gets to sit with him on the couch!  I can’t thank you all enough for all the great work you do saving special animals like Joey.  I know he had a rough start, but you provided him with the help he needed to make it through and we are grateful that we have been able to have him as part of our family.

All the best,

The O’Brien family

Joey is black dog, third from right.

Joey is black dog, third from right.

Take a look back at Joey's early history with OPIN

A Smile for Kelly and Parents

Kelly is a 12 year old beagle who was suffering from an infected tooth.  A couple of weeks ago OPIN was contacted to see if they could help Kelly's retired parents get Kelly proper medical attention.  Turns out that Kelly needed major extractions and OPIN provided a grant and loan to make it happen at Rippowam

Hi Ali!
My mom called me this afternoon and she was so happy and so incredibly thankful for you. I can’t thank you enough for everything that you have done for them especially putting my mom at ease. She has had a very rough year being diagnosed with cancer and I’m not sure what she would do if something happened to her Kelly. You are a real blessing. Thank you, Thank you!!😊