Please HELP -- Lucy's Life Depends on It!

Please Help Us Save This Precious Life!

Lucy is an innocent young mother who -- through no fault of her own (it had to do with a landlord issue) -- was "evicted" from her warm, safe home with her two infant puppies, and was banished to a cold backyard during the worst of the Northeast's frigid January temperatures, when nighttime wind chill factors were below zero degrees Fahrenheit.

Her clueless guardian created a makeshift doghouse in the backyard, and added a space heater in the mistaken notion that this would solve the problem by helping to keep them all warm.  Sad to say, this ridiculous construct resulted in a tragic fire that not only killed the two helpless puppies, but also resulted in horrific burn injuries to poor Lucy, on whom the burning doghouse and adjacent fence fell, searing the melting tarp into the skin on her body.

OPIN, Inc. came into the picture and saved Lucy from death at the hands of those who believed she couldn't/shouldn't be saved.  OPIN has committed to do whatever it takes to provide this innocent, loving soul with whatever is necessary, not only to keep her alive, but also to allow her to thrive in a new and loving home in the future, beginning as soon as she may be released from the hospital.

It's difficult to look at the photos of Lucy in recovery, but if you can bear to do it, let them remind you of how much innocent animals suffer at the hands of evil and/or careless humans, and how much we all, as the so-called superior species, need to do to compensate for the cruel and thoughtless among us.

PLEASE, there are things you can do right now, this minute (as you're thinking about it), to help us help poor Lucy:

     > one, you can donate to our fund for her medical and recuperative care by clicking on our DONATE link and attributing your PayPal donation to Lucy;

     > two,  you can write a check to OPIN / P.O. Box 488 / Riverside, CT 06878-0488, and indicate in the memo line that it's for Lucy;

     > three, you can contact OPIN and offer to adopt Lucy (ideally), or at least provide her a warm and nurturing foster home as she recuperates and awaits permanent adoption, by going to the Help Out page and clicking on the Adoption, or Foster, application;

     > four, please spread the word about responsible pet guardianship everywhere you can: about the urgency of spaying and neutering pets (did those two puppies have to be born just to suffer in the freezing cold and then die tragically by fire?); and about keeping our furry children inside the loving circle of the family home instead of outside, alone, in the harshest elements (remembering that dogs, especially, are pack animals, and REQUIRE the company of their family members in order to maintain psychic comfort even more than physical comfort).

If this unspeakable tragedy helps to educate even one person in more responsible pet guardianship -- or, better yet, results in a new and loving home for Lucy -- OPIN's ultimate mission will be satisfied.  But right now, our immediate need is to give Lucy all of the love and support, financial and otherwise, that will contribute to her full recovery.  Please, can you help us?

Thank you!