Bucky and Dr Cline from VCA ShorelineToday OPIN received an emergency call from our friends at VCA Shoreline in Shelton,CT. We were told about a very brave (10) week old shih tzu that needs help. The owners“claim” to have taken this puppy to a dog park where he was attacked by another dog.

The majority of the damage was to his eye area and enucleation surgery (eye removal)was required. The owners chose to leave this beautiful puppy behind, surrendering him to VCA Shoreline.

VCA Hospital in Norwalk saved our beautiful Lucy (Norwalk dog burned in fire) last January, and now their sister hospital, VCA Shoreline in Shelton. is doing the same for this puppy!!

Jen Colucci (OPIN Co-Founder) and I visited this pup this evening. We named him Bucky- for his strong superhero nature! Bucky licked our faces, loved the hugs and attention, and demonstrated the fact that he is an incredible four pound bundle of joy!!

Bucky is still on intravenous antibiotics and painkillers- he is young and strong and will heal. The fact that he has one eye will not prevent him from living a long healthy life.Bucky will need time to heal and then will go up for adoption.

Please help us raise funds for Bucky- every dollar helps! Tax deductible donations may be made on our web site - just click the "Donate" button over there on the left and place Bucky in the comment area,  or mail to OPIN PO Box 488 Riverside, CT 06878