Lucy Continues to Improve!

     Yesterday, unfortunately, Lucy's tail had to be amputated.  Some people call this "docking," and they have it done to their dogs for so-called cosmetic reasons.  In Lucy's case, it was for medical reasons, as her tail had not been healing properly, and it was in danger of causing her infection and even more discomfort, which was about the last thing our long-suffering girl needed.  Lucy, in her courageous way, has responded well to the procedure, and even has been wagging her new little stub of a tail when visitors -- especially her BFF, OPIN's Ali Girardi (see photo, left) -- come to see her.

     OPIN has been swamped with offers of adoption for Lucy, and while we are grateful for the outpouring of love, nevertheless we can't even begin to consider them yet, while she still is hospitalized and recuperating.  Once Lucy is fully recovered and back to normal, then OPIN may evaluate her and consider what may be the best permanent home environment for her.  In the meantime, if you are prepared to open your home and your heart to a needy animal, won't you consider adopting one of the MANY other deserving homeless pets at your local shelter?  While their back stories may or may not be as dramatic and traumatic as Lucy's is, nevertheless each and every one of them deserves a loving home and the chance for a better life.  You will be rewarded with the same unconditional love and devotion for as long as you share your life with that animal.

     Thank you to all of you -- from all over the world! -- who have responded to this little girl's heartbreaking story with warm wishes, prayers, donations, and offers to foster and/or adopt.  If there is any power behind this spiritual outpouring, Lucy has "gotten" it, and she is improving beyond our expectations.