A Lucy Inspired Song from Christina Capatides!

Writer/composer Christina Capatides is working on a piece called "Shelter," which she hopes to ultimately tour around as a fundraising event for animal shelters and other sorts of organizations that help dogs in need.  In it, she spotlights real life stories of particularly inspirational shelter dogs that she hopes might move people to action.

A friend sent Capatides the story on Lucy which led to the artist following Lucy updates on the web.  When Lucy was adopted, she wrote a song about her story. All we can say is WOW!! and I am sure Lucy is smitten.  Have a listen and pass this on…


Pull Yourself Together
Music & Lyrics by Christina Capatides

Kept us in the backyard
In a makeshift sort of doghouse,
My two babies and me.
And in the winters
With the kinda cold that splinters,
He’d throw us a tarp and leave.

And I'd say
To my kids,
I know you're scared;
But you pull yourselves together,
Pull yourselves together.
I know it's cold.
I'm shiv’ring too.
But you pull yourselves together,
Like I do.

Then in December,
Came the heater
He left under the tarp.
The flames were vibrant,
The burning silent,
And the smoke it billowed dark.

So I laid
Across my kids
And I said,
We will pull through this together,
Pull through this together.
I know it’s thick, I know it burns.
I'm hurting too.
But we’ll pull through this together,
Me and you.

They didn't make it
And I still can’t face it,
But the people here are nice.
The flames have spoken,
Left me blistered and broken,
But I made it out with my life.

I lay awake
Every night
And I think,
Can I pull myself together?
Pull myself together?
I'm bandaged up, but memories
Still rattle loose.
Can I pull myself together,
Like I do?

Then she found me,
Wrapped her arms around me
With soothing sorta eyes.
Spring comes after winter,
New skin from a blister,
And beginnings from goodbyes
I laid my head
On her hand
And she said,
We will pull through this together,
Pull through this together.
I've got a home, with a bed
Meant for you
Where we’ll pull through this together,
Like we do.
Me and you.
Me and you.