Support OPIN with Best Friends "Strut Your Mutt" in NYC

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Team OPIN at Strut Your Mutt 2015

Team OPIN at Strut Your Mutt 2015

On October 1st, Team OPIN will strut in NYC for the seventh year in succession to honor shelter dogs across America that are euthanized through no fault of their own.  

Please Donate or Join Team OPIN at Strut Your Mutt Here!

This year, we walk for two special pups that joined the OPIN family on August 31st.  William and Harry are two sweet, innocent, 10-week old English Bulldogs who have been fighting for their lives to overcome the very contagious and often deadly virus, Parvo. William, who initially appeared to be the stronger of the two, has taken a slight turn for the worse and is fighting a strong fight.  


They are now the 7th and 8th parvo infected dogs that we've been asked to take in so they can receive the very expensive medical treatment they require.  

To the breeder looking to make a quick buck, these little guys were worth zero once they became ill, choosing to kill these pups rather than provide them medical care.  To OPIN, William & Harry are royalty, to be respected regardless of their illness.  They are dignified and worthy of the names we have chosen for them.  

The estimated cost to treat these boys is approximately $6,000. They are currently in isolation and ICU at our vet's office. We need your help so we can continue to save the most critically ill animals that come our way, just like William & Harry.  The cases we take on are never easy, but regardless of cost, each life is precious and OPIN is there from beginning to end for the neediest of animals it helps. 

Please donate to Team OPIN today or join our team and walk with us on October 1st (with or without a dog).  Thank you for helping us to continue to reach out to pets in need.  And William & Harry thank you too.

In just a week or so, OPIN will be searching for foster, with the intent to adopt homes for each of these boys.  This must be a home with no other dogs (cats are fine) and have no contact with other dogs for a least a month while they completely shed their viruses. There will be strict sterilization protocal that must be followed.

And once vaccinated for Parvo, William & Harry will have built a strong immunity against the disease.  They'll never have to worry about becoming ill again.

OPIN reminds you that Parvo is highly contagious and a simple vaccine can save your dog's life.  Donate to Team OPIN or here on the OPIN website.

Please join or support OPIN at this great event!

Please join or support OPIN at this great event!