In 2007, OPIN received a generous grant from the Michael Graham Foundation for the purpose of implementing a microchipping program in an effort to reunite pets and their guardians in case of a disaster, or if the animal should become lost.  Through 2014, thanks to this generous grant, every pet that was adopted through Stamford Animal Care & Control was microchipped for a low-cost donation of $25. OPIN has and always will microchip every pet adopted through its own program, and will continue to promote the importance of microchipping every pet.

How do I get my existing or newly-adopted pet microchipped?

Please call Ali at 203-326-0216 to schedule an appointment.

How do microchips work?

A licensed veterinarian will inject the microchip (about the size of a grain of rice) directly underneath the surface of the pet's skin.  It's non-invasive, takes only a moment, and can be done anywhere.

Whether you are adopting your pet or bringing your current pet for microchipping, we'll give you the code assigned to your pet's microchip.  Visit the HomeAgain website to register your contact information with that code.  Then, if you ever report your lost pet to HomeAgain, they'll send out an alert to their participating organizations to keep an eye out for a pet with that code.   As well, many shelters and veterinarians' offices are equipped with microchip scanners, and if your pet ends up in their hands, your contact information will show up during routine impound scan or examination.

Please remember to update your contact information should you move or change your phone number!

For more information on the microchip system, visit HomeAgain.