Fostering is a wonderful way to help save lives by providing temporary solace for a family pet, or by helping transition a homeless pet from the shelter to a home environment. 

Foster for OPIN

OPIN offers two foster programs, Regular Foster and SafePet Foster, by participating in either foster program not only are you helping increase the adoptability and safety of a homeless pet but you're also freeing up a space in a shelter for another pet in need:

The SafePet program is for pets owned by victims of Domestic Violence, cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, etc.  As a foster you provide safety to a pet while its owner finds safe housing away from their abuser.  The need is sudden and the length of foster time is shorter in nature, ranging anywhere from 1 day to no more than 60 days, but on occasion longer.  Pets return to their owner after the agreed foster period ends.  

Our regular foster program is for pets taken in by OPIN, generally cats and dogs.  These pets are fostered until a suitable adopter can be found.  This can be anywhere from a few days, to as long as 6-months depending upon how long it takes to find an adopter.

If you would like to be apply to either of these foster programs please fill out this OPIN Foster Application form and US mail to:  OPIN, Inc., PO Box 488, Riverside, CT 06878-0488


Ty: in the shelter versus in foster care. His smile tells all: strolling around his foster hood with buddy Marlon was a better fit for his pup energy and curiosity than the shelter was! Ty was adopted by his foster Mom who just couldn't resist!