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To adopt, you must be at least 21 years old, have the knowledge and consent of all adults living in your home, and be willing and able to spend the time and money needed to provide the dog with training, vet treatment and proper care. Completion of this application doesn’t guarantee adoption approval. We reserve the right to approve or deny any adoption.

To adopt, you must check that you agree to all of the below:
Completion of this application doesn’t guarantee adoption approval.
Your Name: *
Your Name:
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Name of Spouse, Partner, or Roommate:
Name of Spouse, Partner, or Roommate:
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Your Address:
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About Your Household
How many adults are in your home? *
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Is any household member allergic to animals? *
Do you have any dogs? *
If yes, how many dogs are in the house?
Have the dog(s) lived with a cat before?
Some questions about adopting
Will the adopted cat be:
Have you ever owned a cat?
If "yes" do you still have it?
Have you ever given a pet to a shelter or to someone else? *
Have you ever had a pet euthanized? *
Have you ever owned a declawed cat, or had a cat declawed?
Would you ever declaw the cat/kitten you want to adopt (if not declawed upon adoption)? *
Have you ever been investigated for animal neglect or cruelty?
Are you familiar with local animal control laws? *
The cost of caring for a cat properly can exceed $1,000/year. This includes annual vaccinations, regular veterinary checkups, cat supplies, possible training and/or boarding, good-quality food and unforeseen medical expenses.
Are you FINANCIALLY ABLE to spend this kind of money on this cat if required? *
Are you COMMITTED to spend this kind of money on this cat if required? *
Cats can live 15 years or longer. Can you commit to caring for this pet for that long? *
Will you give all required medical care necessary for the life time of this pet?
Will you work out bad habits (scratching, biting, house-soiling, etc.) the cat may have?
If yes, how are you planning on dealing with any bad habit?
Are you willing to take responsibility for this cat for the next 15 years or more? *
About your home
Do you own or rent your home?
How long have you lived at your current address?
Do you live in a: *
If you rent, provide name and telephone number of your landlord.
Landlord Name:
Landlord Name:
Landlord Phone:
Landlord Phone:
If you rent, please show us the part of your lease where you are allowed to have pets, the number allowed and any limitation in size weight, if any. If pets are not mentioned in your lease, please ask us for the “Permission to Have Pets” form and have it signed by your landlord and fax it to us.
If you own, you must provide proof of ownership by a copy of your Real Estate Tax Bill, or by showing us your mortgage prior to paying adoption fees. Owners of condos or townhouses must also provide a copy of the condo association’s by-laws indicating pets are allowed, the number allowed and any limitations in size or weight, if any.
Please provide references of two people (not in your family) who have known you 5 years or more:
Personal Reference 1: *
Personal Reference 1:
Personal Reference 1 Phone:
Personal Reference 1 Phone:
Personal Reference 2: *
Personal Reference 2:
Personal Reference 2 Phone:
Personal Reference 2 Phone:
Present and Former Veterinarians
More about animals, currently in home, if any.
Name of Pet Dog/Cat/ Other, Breed, Sex, Spayed / Neutered? Age, Weight, Vaccinated? Dog licensed?
Name of Pet Dog/Cat/Other, Breed, Sex, What happened to pet? If dead, how did it die? If dead, age at death, Date of death or surrender
There is $125.00 non-refundable adoption donation to be paid by cash or check. This donation goes towards off-setting the cost of the spay/neuter surgery, vaccination, micro-chipping, and boarding costs. All donations above this amount are very welcome, and greatly appreciated, as our costs per pet are greater than the adoption fee. In addition, we rely on donations to be able to save the next pet in need. HOME VISITS: OPIN may choose to perform both pre-adoption and post-adoption home visits.
You agree that the cat will be adopted as a house pet and companion only. OPIN reserves the right to reclaim the cat if it feels the dog is not being fed, housed or cared for to its satisfaction. If you are unable to care for this cat, he/she must be returned to OPIN. COPY OF DRIVER’S LICENSE (or other form of official ID) IS REQUIRED This application is designed to help us determine if the adoption is in the cat’s best interest, and to assist you in finding a pet compatible with your lifestyle. An unwise adoption can result in an unpleasant experience for adoptive families and may ruin the pet for further adoptions. We hope you will agree that the pet’s welfare must be our foremost concern. I understand the above questions and I authorize investigation of all statements contained in this application. I understand that misrepresentation or omission of facts is cause for denial of adoption. By signing this application, I am stating that the above mentioned is true.
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