We provide financial support for the medical care of pets we have rescued and pets in our foster program, and, now and in the past, have done so for Stamford Animal Control Center pets. OPIN has not only sponsored preventive and routine care for SACC animals, but also has been able to give pets with extraordinary medical needs the treatment necessary to live out a long, healthy life in a forever home.

In special cases, we provide continued financial support for treatment of a pet's pre-existing condition throughout the life of that pet.  For example, our fabulous dog, Barley, has very low-grade lupus.  As potential adopters may have feared that his condition would require high-cost, high-maintenance treatment, we agreed to pay for his medication for the rest of his life.

We Love Lucy

In 2013 OPIN stepped forward to help severe burn victim Lucy - a story which received widespread notoriety for all the wrong reasons.  Lucy a young mother was displaced from her warm safe home with two puppies during the very cold January in Connecticut.  At her new location her guardian created a makeshift shelter outdoors, in the backyard, warmed by a space heater.  This tragic misthinking resulted in a fire that not only killed the two pups but severely burned mother Lucy. OPIN immediately stepped in and organized veterinary, fundraising, and adoption efforts.  While it can be very difficult to look at the burns Lucy suffered her recovery has been nothing short of miraculous and today she lives in warm and loving home and is doing very well.  That’s Lucy in her hospital gown at the top of this page.  See OPIN’s News area January 2013 for more information on this tragedy and incredible comeback.)


Helping Pet Guardians in Need

We created our Keep Fido at Home fund to provide one-time financial assistance for responsible pet guardians in our community who are facing temporary financial challenges (loss of job, illness, housing problem) and have a pet with a medical emergency.