Next Animal Control Task Force Meeting 04/14/2015 6:30PM

When: Thursday Apr 14, 2015 - 6:30pm
Where: Stamford Government Center
            Democratic Caucus Room
            888 Washington Boulevard
            Stamford, CT 06901
To Do:  Please try to make it to this meeting and show your support!. As a reminder we are not allowed to speak but any attendance to show we care would be awesome.  Prior meetings have been on the 4th floor but check with the front desk when you walk in. Here and below is the agenda:
1. Report of the Stamford Animal Control Manager
2. Review and final approval of draft Stamford Animal Ordinance, reflecting comments from last meeting of Task Force
3. Collection of requested documents for Task Force report to the Mayor a. Volunteerdocs(Emmett/Toma)
a. Adoption docs (Emmett/Toma)
b. Potential sites for new SACCC (Taylor)
c. Overview of SACCC situation and staffing (Cobb)
4. Preparing report to Mayor