FAITH has her sight, is not deaf, & doing great!!

"We kept Faith's original name that Stamford Animal Control gave her.  Faith is the female kitten that was attacked and partially blind.  At that point the Shelter was not sure if she could see at all as well they were not sure if she was deaf.  My husband and I are happy to say Faith is healthy and is doing great.  She sees for the most part great, and she is not deaf.  Faith is very affectionate and vocal and loves to eat!!!  Faith loves to be picked up and she kisses you like a dog would, licks your face, your nose and mouth.  She follows us around like a dog would and as soon as Faith hears the door open, she's sitting waiting for you to greet you.  Faith gets along great with our 2 Maine Coon cats and they usually all sleep together.  We are very grateful for Faith; she is an awesome creature! Thank You."

- Sherry Ann