After a 3 ½ Year Battle, False Charges Are Dismissed

We at OPIN, along with many Stamford residents, volunteers and friends of Laurie Hollywood feel fortunate to have had such a skilled, inspiring, dynamic and amazing public servant leading Stamford Animal Control over the course of nine years.  In May 2014, Laurie’s career came to an end.  As the result of a politically motivated effort to oust her, The City of Stamford, CT fired and arrested Laurie on false allegations of reckless endangerment.

After a long 3 ½ year battle, Laurie has finally had her day in court.  For lack of creditable evidence, charges against Laurie were dismissed on Feb. 1, 2018, but not before a City had closed their eyes to their municipal shelter for decades then suddenly used their power to create a dark cloud over homeless pets, volunteers and a woman that tirelessly helped pets and people as she pioneered changes and brought the Magee Avenue facility out of the dark ages. 

In 2005, Laurie found an inefficient shelter in disarray and unbearable conditions for the animals.  Having continually failed State inspections, Laurie worked to improve shelter conditions   She considered adoption, embraced volunteers, provided medical care and removed the time limit policy imposed on the animals in an effort to reduce euthanasia.  As she transformed the shelter, in 2007, Stamford’s then Mayor Malloy approved renaming Animal Control.  It would become known as Animal “Care” & Control to bring more meaning to the facility.  She left the shelter operating efficiently, having gained the trust and respect of the public and left numerous policies and a legacy of a modern shelter philosophy behind.  Today we find City Officials and Staff maintaining the same policies and operating practices Laurie had developed.  Although now referred to as Animal Control & “Care”, for the sake of the animals, we are grateful some of her policies & practices are still being adhered to.

Please read Laurie’s outcome below