To the Nice People at OPIN:

We had the great pleasure of adopting a dog from your organization last September. He is a lab/border collie mix whom folks at Best Friends in Norwalk knew as "Ubu". We have renamed him "Albert" which seems to please him.

Albert is a treasure in his own right, who gives us intense joy and affection every day. He follows in the footsteps of a previous lab/border collie mix we had adopted and whom we thought we could never replace, but Albert has exceeded all our expectations. We are so grateful to have adopted him from OPIN.

Special thanks go to your adoption coordinator who worked with us to adopt Albert and help settle him into our home. His care and obvious love of Albert, and his exceptional professionalism were much appreciated.

We hope the enclosed gift helps OPIN in its worthy mission to provide disadvantaged dogs like Albert with homes they deserve.

Stanley Z.

ubu aka the dog adopted opin stamford