Charlie Critically Needed Vet Services, OPIN Steps In

Dear Jenny:

I cannot express the depth of my gratitude to Opin for saving the life of my beloved (and wonderful!) five-year-old cat, Charlie (birthday in 4 days - on January 24!), by kindly offering me a no-interest loan to pay for Charlie's critically needed veterinary services.
We had been to two other places prior to our arriving at Rippowam Animal Hospital with whom you work, and who heroically rescued Charlie from demise. At these prior facilities, I had incurred some $5,000 in costs, but with Charlie's life threatening medical issue remaining unresolved. The second of these organizations   finally told me that Charlie needed surgery -- but demanded payment in full, up-front, of an shockingly exorbitant amount of money, that I no longer had.  Without your generous contribution, and Dr Lazarus' (of Rippowam AH) quick action, sincere and constant caring, and brilliant double surgeries -- Charlie would not be alive today. Opin has put the heart and soul back into Veterinary Care so that loving pet owners can pay off veterinary bills over time (like in the old days) to save their pet's lives. Opin are compassion in feeling and action, and you have a great partner in Chief Surgeon Dr. Lazarus and his Rippowam Animal Hospital - where the most reasonable fees cover the most superlative and dedicated care. Opin and Dr. Lazarus approach veterinary medicine and treatment the humane way -- and with outstanding excellence.

God bless you!

With deepest gratitude,

Claire S.



Pookie Needed Emergency Surgery for an Infection - June 2016

Dear Opin pets,

We would like to thank you guys so much for helping us get Pookie back to health. We were all scared that we didn't have much options to choose from when Pookie was very sick. We were losing hope but thank goodness we found you guys. Pookie is grateful she is back to her old self again. Thank you again we appreciate the generosity from you guys. 

Mildred P.

OPIN to the Rescue! - 07/08/2015

OPIN to the rescue

OPIN to the rescue! My American Bulldog, Khaleesi, needed emergency life saving surgery. With the resources and network OPIN has at their disposal they helped turn a traumatic and overwhelming situation into something manageable and life saving for my puppy.

I'm forever grateful to this great organization and all the hard work they put in to help save and protect our cherished furry little family members.

Thank you OPIN!!



Thank you - 06/30/2015

I wanted to take the time to thank you for all your assistance in our dogs time of need. When our Snoopy got sick and we didn't have the funds, we didn't know what we were going to do. I was online researching options and OPIN came up. I sent a frantic email in the middle of the night. My email was answered the next day and OPIN provided much needed assistance. You were our safety net when we didn't have one. We are forever grateful. I hope you know what a valuable service you provide to the community and our pets. 
Thank you,