That's MISS Davie Meowtthews, If You Please

"THANK YOU so much for your help getting the cat, I am absolutely in love with her...  Davie is a calico kitten who literally reached her paw out of her cage to grab my heart.  The name is embarrassing, but I will explain ;).  Do you know the band Dave Matthews?  I always thought it would be hilarious to name a cat Dave Meowtthews... but of course I got a girl, so it's Davie Meowtthews!  (I'm basically just pretending she's a boy -- haha!)  She is great, sitting on my lap right now!  I could not be happier to have company in my house, and someone who greets me at the door every time I come home.  She is a total love bug and cuddles up to me every night.  I am so glad I made the decision to adopt her!"

- Anya

So are we, Anya, and we just know, so is Davie!