Happy Tails: Where are they now? Coco Update

OPIN recently heard from Melinda & Tony, a wonderful couple who adopted Coco from OPIN about two years ago.  Coco is another heartwarming story,  she was homeless and in OPIN’s care for over two years.  When Melinda & Tony found Coco, they already had another dog, “Mugsy”,  trainer Rob Rob Mullin of K9Wizard & Co., worked with all parties to help introduce Coco into her new home. Unfortunately Mugsy died of cancer last fall but here’s a report and some pictures of  Coco:

She  (Coco) has become the absolute perfect dog.
Obedient, affectionate, goofy.
Great with company.  
I think she's very happy.  We spoil her silly.
She sleeps a lot,  but also loves to be outside.
She sits in the sun like she's never felt it before.  She surveys her backyard like a calm protector.
She's wonderful and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Rob in order to integrate her. Now that she's an only child,  I think she's loving it and we are happy to be able to give her a wonderful 2nd half of her life where she is tremendously loved.
Thank you again for all you do. 
~Melinda and Tony