Homeless to Mayor: JR (nee Henry) Finds a Home

Hi Jenny,

Hope all is well. I am emailing this to you on behalf of my Mother, Jackie.

When we first got him, his name was Henry, we had to change that since my father and Jackie's Husband's name is Henry. It was a bit weird when my mom would yell "really Henry why must you take all the toilet paper off the roll and rip it into a million pieces, and my dad would answer " I didn't do that, it wasn't me" So we came up with the name JR for Henry Jr. “JR” as he is known as now is not only a wonderful addition to our small family but also known as the Mayor of the neighborhood.

Everyone in the neighborhood knows and loves JR. We even have a long time neighbor who looks out the window waiting for JR to go on this walks so they can give him a few of his favorite cookies. And a little boy named Vinny whose family just moved to the neighborhood recently always looks out for JR and loves to walk him.

JR, now 4 years old is very playful. He loves to play catch with balls, prop himself on the top of the couch looking out the window for hours staring at the cars driving up and down the street and every so often gets a burst of energy where he runs as fast as he can all thought out the house.

He especially likes opening up Christmas presents whether they are his or not. And when I come over and visit he is always standing by the door,bouncing up and down like he is on a pogo stick excited to see me.

He has a great appetite, he loves to eat boiled chicken everyday on the couch watching TV (I may add as a child I wasn't able to eat anything in the living room let alone on the couch). He loves his bacon flavored snacks and his favorite is his Greenies!!!!

In my opinion he is pretty spoiled. I am their only child and I know that I am a distant second in their eyes, lol.

As mentioned before JR has been a great addition to our family and we love spending every moment with him that we can. We have always had dogs.

But this guy is really special to us. We are grateful that we have him.

Attached is a few of our favorite pictures of JR.


The Henze Family (Jackie , Henry, Justin, Melanie and our puppy Teddy)