A Positive Update on Lucy!


     The outpouring of support from all over the country has been amazing this past week, and OPIN gratefully has received many, many kind donations and adoption offers from compassionate people who have been moved by Lucy's sad story.  We're overwhelmed by the generosity of those who've never laid eyes on this sweet, heroic dog, but who nonetheless want to do whatever they can to share in her support at this desperate time.

     Look at Lucy's newspaper photo, above, as she's visited faithfully by Ali Girardi, OPIN's Co-President.  We are delighted to share that she seems to be feeling a little better.  At first she had no appetite, and a feeding tube was considered as a way to force much-needed nutrients into her struggling body in an effort to help it heal.  As of today, though -- less than a week after the incident -- she has improved to the point where she will eat a little bit, willingly, on her own.  And those who have been keeping a vigil have noted that she appears much brighter now than before.  We have very strong hope that her long-term prognosis will be good.

     Many kind people have submitted applications to adopt Lucy when she is ready to go to a permanent home, but it will be some time before that even can be considered.  For now, she needs round-the-clock medical care, and after that, she will need to be released to an excellent foster home where her recuperation may continue.  If you feel that you would be able to provide a nurturing foster home for our girl, to help her recover and learn to love and trust again, please contact us.

     Thank you to all who have helped so far, to all who yet will come forward to help, and to everyone who has noted this sad story and learned from it that animals must be treated with compassion and respect.